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Rebecca Green uit de Verenigde Staten maakt zulke mooie illustraties. Vaak zitten er leuke meisjes met brilletjes in, en natuur, en dieren. Want daar is ze dol op. Ze hield een blog voor ons bij waarin ze vertelt over haar werk. Dit is deel een.  

Hello! My name is Rebecca Green, but you can call me Becca.
I illustrate, paint, dabble in miniature sculptures, hand draw typography, and make a mean batch of banana cookies.


The first time my work was published, I was in kindergarten, and my underwater mermaid drawing was printed in the school newspaper. The treasure chest, the fish, the seashell bra – all details my teacher praised. From then on, I knew I wanted to be an artist.

I paint people and animals primarily, but also buildings and cities and cakes.


Most of the time, I paint with acrylic on wood, but I also like to experiment with watercolor, cut paper, and pencil. Currently, I am going through a party hat phase.


Flow3I am thrilled to have been invited to blog as a guest for Flow! This month, I’ll be talking about process, work spaces, and future endeavors. If you’d like to see more work before next week, visit me at Until then, find something you love and share it with a friend!


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Flow 7 is er!

Flow 7 ligt in de winkel mét vernieuwde vormgeving en inhoud. In het nieuwe nummer lees je onder andere verhalen over de ruimte nemen om het anders te doen en hoe trots je verder kan helpen.