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Dit gastblog van Mariëlle Coppes van Magical Daydream bestaat uit twee delen. Vandaag stelt Mariëlle zich voor en vertelt ze meer over zichzelf en haar creatieve projecten en in deel 2 (vanaf morgen online) deelt ze vier creatieve lessen die haar helpen.

“I like to brighten the world with uplifting creations, and help people transform small, dull moments into creative and fun ones. I’m on a constant quest to create tiny sparks of happiness. For my most recent street art project, I created two balloon trees outside Eindhoven train station.”

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“I made the balloon trees for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to brighten up the city square that’s usually so gray-looking. I hoped that seeing such an unexpected sight on their everyday route would make passers-by smile.

Secondly, I wanted to show that anything is possible, no matter how big or crazy it seems. The balloon trees are a reminder to people to follow their own dreams. The only thing standing between us and our dreams is action. If someone like me can make her colorful vision of a balloon tree a reality, then others can also accomplish their dreams if they are dedicated and passionate.

On a perfect workday, I wildly scribble down exciting ideas, get paint all over my hands, explore a thrift shop for interesting materials, go for a walk around the block in the sunshine to free my mind, and make a random person on the street smile because of what I have created. I like to work on projects that will inspire others to be more creative and accomplish their own dreams.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to share four creative lessons I’ve learned over the years. Be sure to check them out!”

Mariëlle Coppes inspires people from all over the world to transform dull, everyday moments into creative and fun ones. You can see more of her happy adventures and projects on her blog.

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